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Which Padre is the most likely to be traded by the deadline?

I was just watching this video of XX1090's Marty Caswell and Darren Smith in a round table discussion with writer Corey Brock. The discussion is mostly centered around the trade deadline next month. They seem to agree that Headley is the biggest trade chip, but they have mixed opinions as to whether he'll actually be traded. It's probably because if you're in favor of the Padres dealing Headley you're considered an ignorant Padres fan. Me? It's all about what Josh Byrnes can get in return. Headley doesn't seem to be in the Padres' plan with Jedd Gyrko his heir apparent, so it might be a good way of cashing out. At this point I have very little attachment to any of the players, they can all stay or all go, doesn't make much difference.

When polled by Marty here were the guys' responses:

Will they be Padres after deadline?
Corey Brock Darren Smith
Carlos Quentin No No
Chase Headley Yes No
Huston Street Yes No
Edinson Volquez Yes, absolutely Yes
Most Likely to be Traded
Carlos Quentin Chase Headley

Marty agreed it would be Quentin that would be traded. I have the same feeling, because I'll agree with anything Marty says.