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Padres Sign Top Draft Pick Max Fried

Friedom Field? (Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE)
Friedom Field? (Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE)

Draft picks are always a sore subject with Padres fans. Ever since Matt Bush the immediate inclination about hearing about a pick can be to wonder what is wrong with him. Other flops like Nick Schmidt, Allen Dykstra and Cesar Carrillo only helped to confirm this thought process. In 2010, a new issue cropped up. Karsten Whitson never agreed to a contract with the Padres and instead went on to a college career at the University of Florida. So now Padres fans are also left to wonder if the team will actually sign their pick.

Well, today the Padres did sign their top pick, Harvard Westlake HS (Calif.) LHP Max Fried. Here's the details from Jim Callis at Baseball America:

The Padres have signed the first high school pitcher selected in the 2012 draft, No. 7 overall selection Max Fried. He'll receive a $3 million bonus, matching the assigned value for his slot.


An athletic 6-foot-4, 180-pound lefty, Fried has an fastball that ranges from 88-95 mph, a nasty curveball and a changeup that could give him a third plus pitch. He had committed to UCLA.

But, while we wait why not have some fun with how we can use Fried's last name if he ever pitches for the big league team.

  • On his starts, Petco Park can be temporarily called Friedom Field.
  • If he makes it through to the bottom half of the 7th, you replace a word in "Take Me Out Me To The Ballgame" and sing "One, two, Fried strikes you're out...".
  • Or you can just say "One, two, Fried strikes you're out." when he gets a K.
  • If you're a Simpsons fan, then as an alternative after a K (especially a swing strike 3 on a fastball) you can say, "Max Power!"
  • When he retires the side it's "Fried up, Fried down."
  • If you're okay with mispronouncing his name, when he induces a can o' corn to the outfield, you can say, "He Fried out."
  • When it's time for him to take the mound, just yell out "To the Max!"
  • If he walks someone it's a Fried pass.
  • Anything else where you can replace "three" with Fried as you see fit. Fried base hit, Fried bagger, Fried run bomb, Fried run double, etc. Just gotta figure out how to make the context work.

Any others you can think of?

(H/T to John Gennaro and Aussie fan for brainstorming some of these during the Padres recent victory over the San Francisco Giants on June 5)