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Padres Minor League Top Performers: 06/09

"You guys want me to tell you what The Bigs was like again? Oh, <em>alriiiight</em>..."
"You guys want me to tell you what The Bigs was like again? Oh, alriiiight..."

Everybody was in action Saturday night as Lake Elsinore and San Antonio won while Fort Wayne and Tucson took losses. Enough about that, though; what you want to read about is prospects. Mmmm, prospects. So innocent. Their whole world is ahead of them, their potential surpassed only by their drea- wait, what? Sorry, I got sidetracked there. Anyway, here are some guys who should be whistling The Jeffersons' theme walking out of the manager's office before too long and some others who are just filler but deserve recognition for a job well done:

Top Performers:

  • Bryan Altman, LF, San Antonio: 4-4, 2B, R, 3 RBI
  • Matt Clark, 1B, Tucson: 3-4, BB, 2B, 2 R, 3 RBI
  • Justin Miller, 3B, Lake Elsinore: 2-4, BB, 2B, 3 RBI
  • Yeison Asencio, RF, Fort Wayne: 3-4, HR, R, RBI
  • Yasmani Grandal, C, Tucson: 1-2, 2 BB, 2B, 2 R
  • Jedd Gyorko, 3B, Tucson: 1-4, BB, 2B, 2 R, RBI
  • Jeudy Valdez, SS, San Antonio: 2-3, 2B, R, 2 RBI
  • Blake Tekotte, CF, Tucson, 2-5, R