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Cameron Maybin's teammates love to mock his eating habits

Some Padres recently appeared in the Fan Cave, after which, Yonder Alonso and Andy Parrino decided to prank Cameron Maybin by making him believe that the delicious bacon cheeseburger he was eating was causing people in the restaurant to become violently ill. After last season's Mat Latos Chinese Food Incident, I'm beginning to think that Cam Maybin must be extra emphatic about food or must have semi-regular gastrointestinal issues for this to be happening to him.

In the end, I think they should've let the situation play out a little bit longer than they did. Like, if it were me running the prank, I would've turned the heat up in the restaurant a little bit, or maybe put a little space heater right underneath Cam's seat, just to make him sweat a little bit. Maybe had a fart machine nearby to give it some of that something extra.

Nevertheless... A fine effort overall.