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Happy Birthday Mr. Padre. Tony Gwynn turns 52

Yesterday I was watching Tony Gwynn videos on YouTube most of the day for no particular reason. I found this old gem from 1997 that used to play regularly on ITV, which could be classified somewhere between an educational channel and cable access. It's low budget, yet intimate like a trip to a massage parlor. The questions start slow at first and then increase in speed and intensity, also like a trip to a massage parlor.

Well, today being Gwynn's birthday it seems like as good enough time as any to reminisce about his great life and career through his own words. Sure you've probably heard all the stories before, but there's a certain amount of enjoyment to be gained by hearing Gwynn retell the stories of his youth growing up in Long Beach, his collegiate years at SDSU and his time with the Padres.

Happy Birthday old timer.