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Cole Hamels with a dolphin

TedQuarters has a gallery of embarrassing Cole Hamels photos. Here's one in particular that I thought you might like:



What's Cole Hamels staring at? Is he looking to see what's going on below the water? Eyes above the marine mammal belt, Cole Hamels! Hamels is on the Sea World watch list for sure, right? Dude with an inflated ego, likes to hit young boys. You gotta watch him around dolphins in the springtime. I bet when Cole Hamels watches Mr Rogers Neighborhood, he identifies most with Mr McFeely.

Also, to me, these seeing these photos makes me believe that Cole Hamels doesn't really exist in the way that we think things exist. Like he's operating in a different dimension. People don't exist in the way that Cole Hamels and his impossibly blonde wife and really cute dog in a backpack exist.

We play the Phillies this weekend. I'll be on the radio in Philadelphia tomorrow morning talking about what a weirdo Cole Hamels is.

Cole Hamels

#35 / Pitcher / Philadelphia Phillies





Dec 27, 1983

Fun Fact: Allegedly on the Sea World watch list