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Reminiscing about Friday's Padres game

Friday's Padres Game Collage
Friday's Padres Game Collage

Dex was given a couple of season tickets for Friday's game from a distant relative's friend at the last minute, so we decided to go. As first pitch approached we tried to rush through the turnstiles but when my ticket was scanned it showed up as canceled. Dex exited again and made a call to the STH and we waited in the ticket office until they could figure out what happened. We slumped in their chairs and watched on TV as the Padres gave up an 5 runs in the first inning. Ugh.

Fortunately we only had to wait a few minutes for the situation to be remedied, but it gave us time to talk. We decided we should try to watch an entire game in the ticket office some day claiming that we were waiting for our ticket rep anytime someone tried to get us to leave.

As it turns out the STH had traded 2 of his tickets and given 2 to us and it was just a simple mix up. For our trouble we were given upgraded seats in section 105 and $5 in Friar Bucks each. Hooray! Our seats were sick.

Between innings we passed our time by filling out All-Star Ballots in the way that we thought the other might fill out their own. It was Dex's idea of fun.

When I handed our All Star Ballots to the usher I saw Pad Squad Elizabeth standing behind our section. Dex and I stood with her during the entire third inning. Elizabeth was entertaining us by singing alternate lyrics to Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe, only her's were about Cameron Maybin. I wish I had transcribed the lyrics to "Call Me Maybin" so I could share them but they continually changed depending on what Maybin was doing at that particular moment.

We watched as the Padres mounted a comeback. I lost my mind and criticized Bud Black to anyone who would listen for not pinch hitting for Anthony Bass. Then he hit a bases clearing triple that probably should have been an inside the park home run. Shows what I know.

To celebrate all the scoring Dex and I went to Hodad's to eat delicious burgers and spend our Friar Bucks. We ran into Padres employee Alex and he tried to convince us that there was room at his table for us. We politely declined so that we wouldn't have to take turns sitting on each others laps.

In the meantime the Padres took the lead and then fell behind again. We headed back to our seats. We took a break during a pitching change and met up with Gaslamp Baller NaterTater, who would later blog about the life changing experience.

Things weren't looking good in the 8th inning as the Padres were still down by one, but we knew the Padres had an ace in the hole. Heath Bell has been terrible since his move to the Marlins so we still had a chance. Pad Squad Elizabeth stopped by our seats and interviewed us holding an invisible microphone "Do you think we're going to win? Are you nervous?" I froze under the pressure of the questioning.

Realizing that the Padres needed a rally she left us with instructions "Meet me in the lucky spot in the 9th!"

So moments later we congregated again in the "lucky spot" behind section 105. This is where the Padres rallied the first time and, by God, this is where they would rally again! For good measure Dex and I dressed Elizabeth in our own lucky articles, my Padres parka and Dex's Padres pin lanyard. It worked like a charm, the Padres tied the game and juuuust missed winning it.

After that the extra innings really dragged. The Pad Squad was put on a mandatory break, the ballpark emptied and midnight approached. Gaslamp Ballers 'Eaters and Crazy_Charisma did their best keep us awake and warm but couldn't keep the Padres from eventually losing.

What could have been the best win of the season turned into a slow painful ending to an otherwise fun game.