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Game Thread: 05/05 Padres vs. Marlins

A disappointing night for our Padres last night means we need this win more than ever. Hopefully Clayton Richard can get us back in the win column tonight as we take on the Marlins in game 2 of the series.

After a nearly-five-hour battle last night, we need Clayton to go deep tonight (TWSS). After losing his last three starts, he will be looking to redeem himself and lead our Padres to a victory and bring them to a rubber match tomorrow. He has only pitched against the Marlins one other time in his career, back in 2010, and he earned the win, so he will try to remain undefeated.

Pitching opposite Richard will be Mark Buehrle, who is seeing the Padres for the second time in his career as well. Buehrle has a 1-4 record, but has pitched well.

Alright, guys. Last night we got some indisputable proof that the game thread superstition is a real thing. So I'm gonna make sure to schedule this game thread to post an hour early as usual so we can get 20 of you Gaslamp Ballers to comment before first pitch. Because last night that didn't happen and look at the result. We can't let that happen again tonight. I've come to hate losing streaks, as well as series losses, even more than I had before. We need to win tonight. MFMWG.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Be safe and ktf!!