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Dave Winfield wears Yankees hat at Pepsi Max Field of Dreams Game but has an excuse

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At first glance Padres Hall of Famer and Vice President Dave Winfield wearing a Yankees cap when he's in the national spotlight is nothing new. You never seem to see him proudly donning a Padres cap unless he is in Petco Park or on Padres official business.

As a Padres fan it's hard for me to take pride in Winfield as a Padres Hall of Famer because he doesn't seem to take pride in the Padres.

At the Pepsi Max Field of Dreams game a couple days ago he once again wore a Yankees cap even when seemingly ever other player was wearing the cap they wore to their induction at Cooperstown.

He made his decision to enter the Hall of Fame as its first Padres representative long ago when he was still feuding with George Steinbrenner and Padres owner John Moores was offering him a job.

Winfield Chooses Padres over Yanks

Why, then, a Padres cap?

''When I look at everything,'' said Winfield, whose plaque will be the first to have a Padres cap, ''it's kind of like, who gave me the first opportunity, where do I come from, where did I emerge? All this started a long time ago. They saw me, drafted me first, gave me a chance to play in the big leagues right away. I was an All-Star there; I was their first captain.''

Since then he has made comments that reflect his feelings that he represents all of Major League Baseball and not just one team. Unless of course that one team is the Yankees.

As for the Yankees cap at the Field of Dreams game he's got an excuse for that on his Facebook page:


I guess we'll let it slide again. What choice do we have?