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Tony Gwynn faces criticism of his SDSU baseball program, rumors suggest he'll retire

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The UT's Kevin Acee wrote an article last week about Tony Gwynn's involvement with Thomas Tull who is attempting to purchase the Padres. Acee suggested that Gwynn's involvement with the Padres could be a good way for Gwynn to remove himself from a San Diego State University baseball program that hasn't exactly thrived under his watch.

When it first crossed my mind to address this matter, I hoped that one of the groups that would emerge as a suitor to buy the Padres would also contact Gwynn – offering a role in securing and then running the team and, by default, a way out of this mess at his alma mater.

Please, Mr. Tull, you’d be doing yourself, Gwynn and San Diego a service.

Gwynn did not take kindly to Acee's criticism of his tenure at State.

In Acee's follow up article published last night we see a professional side of Gwynn that is as rare as an article criticizing him.

Of course, he went on to make it clear that my column 10 days prior opining that such a move would be a nice way for him to ease out of a bad situation at SDSU was the overriding factor in our postgame conversation consisting of no fewer than six "Next questions" and one closing "Do what you have to do; I’ll do what I have to do."

Gwynn said he would not give me "the satisfaction" of talking about his future.

Gwynn's future with the Aztecs isn't clear to anyone at this point. Athletic Director Jim Sterk wants a coach that is 100% committed to the success of the team and if Gwynn is "all in" with Tull and he succeeds in buying the Padres where does that leave SDSU? Well, Acee was told by media, scouts and coaches that Gwynn is likely to retire from SDSU at the end of the season.

Gwynn told Darren Smith on XX Sports Radio last week that he planned on staying with SDSU.

"I'm not going to leave my post here at San Diego State. Obviously unless I get fired. This is where I'm going to be. For a little bit."

While I don't disagree with anything Acee said I give Gwynn a pass. As an Aztec alum I want success for the team but I rarely pay attention or attend their games, to me he is Aztec baseball. I'll support any decision that he makes.