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Is Rizzo ready? How long before Padres fans rue the day he was traded?

Livestrong bracelet, pinstripes, and bedroom eyes.
Livestrong bracelet, pinstripes, and bedroom eyes.

Lots of talk today about Anthony Rizzo trying to force Jed Hoyer's hand in the Cubs farm system. It's like Rizzomania all over again.

SBNation: Anthony Rizzo Bashing Through Minors, But Cubs Best Off Waiting For Call-Up

In short: Rizzo is swinging and crushing; and Cubs fans want him up at The Show, like, yesterday.

Remember last year when the Padres were terrible like the Cubs and Rizzo was destroying the Pacific Coast League? It's just like that but he's a Cub now and his boyish looks are gone and only the chiseled features of a man remain.

Last year Padres fans were demanding that he be brought up and Hoyer folded under the pressure. But when Rizzo finally arrived he was undercooked and all pink inside. Well Cubs fans can celebrate the fact that he's now got 500 Minor League at bats under his belt and beneath his cup. He's medium rare and ready for action.

Here's Rizzo's stats as an Iowa Cub.

When Hoyer skipped town to reunite with his former flame Theo Epstein he knew he would never truly be happy if he didn't one day come back for his saucy young prospect. The trade that brought fireballer Andrew Cashner to San Diego in return for Rizzo was wildly unpopular from the Padres point of view.

Now it's only a matter of time now before we start to lose interest in 102 mph fast balls and look longingly at first base in Chicago thinking about what might have been.

The only thing holding Rizzo back now is current Cubs first basemen Brian LaHair and Super Two status.

Rob Neyer Explains: