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Padres swept by Cardinals! Bud Black speaks.

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Here's some notes from Black's press conference:

  • Both teams came out aggressive. The difference was Matt Holliday's ground ball through the hole and Carlos Beltran's homer on the cutter that broke the Padres' back.
  • Will Venable's homer gave the team confidence. Lynn got stingy after that and wasn't giving away runs. He wiggled out of a few jams.
  • Venable is using the whole field. He's squaring balls up. He's not expanding the strike zone. He's laying off balls and swinging at strikes.
  • Evereth Cabrera got off to a slow start but hopefully his two hits will jump start his game.
  • Black has seen Venable go through peaks and valleys. He's been able to stay out of a slump this year by being consistent. He isn't tinkering with his stance like he did in the past.