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Links: Luebke's arm, "Commie Ball", Maybin's elbow and a mountain

Something's rotten in the ballpark via <a href=""></a>
Something's rotten in the ballpark via
  • Padres Trail: A night with Baseball Prospectus
    Padres Trail has all the happenings from Baseball Prospectus night at Petco Park over the weekend. Good to know that even BP peeps also wonder about the Padres TV deal and why they traded Adrian Gonzalez.

  • insidethepadres: Why on Luebke
    Cory Luebke's TJ surgery may have been a result of trying to throw too hard and love too deeply.

  • The Kept Faith Podcast Ep. 25: "The Gwynncentennial!" | The Kept Faith
    One of these days I'm going to listen to a Kept Faith Podcast, until then I'm going to admire the fantastic advertisement they found for the Old Globe featuring Gwynn and Garvey.

  • "Commie Ball" Is A Step in the Right Direction for Padres - 619Sports
    I've been thinking about "Commie Ball" for the last couple of days and I'm beginning to conclude that just like real Communism it won't work. The current Padres lineup now has two small and scrappy middle infielders and two quick and athletic outfielders. You're not going to find fast players at any other position. You still need guys that can consistently hit even in Commie Ball and those players are even harder to find at Petco Park.

  • insidethepadres: Review and Preview
    "It's my understanding Maybin has refused to make any adjustments with his lead arm," the scout said. "He's got his elbow stuck almost in the strike zone and he's blocking off his back half. You can't get the back half of your body into it if the front half is stopping it."
  • The Vocal Minority: Fat Guy Trudging Up A Mountain
    Hiking Cowles Mountain as a metaphor for Padres fandom.