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Rosenthal: Padres claim Eric Stults from White Sox

Padres claimed left handed reliever Eric Stults off waivers from the White Sox today. Not to be confused with the red headed actor Eric Stoltz from Pulp Fiction, Anaconda and other stuff. Speaking of Pulp Fiction and Eric Stults, I'm like Marvin from Pulp Fiction on this Padres acquisition. "Man, I don't even have an opinion."

In any case I'll let Ken Rosenthal bore you with the details:

Yep, he's all ours now.

He'll be in the bullpen chewing sunflower seeds and mopping up games in no time.

Eric Stults

#52 / Pitcher / Chicago White Sox




Hats: Dodgers


Dec 09, 1979

Trivia: Was originally cast as Marty McFly in Back to the Future before being replaced by Michael J. Fox