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Yonder Alonso almost hit by Phillie Phanatic on ATV, would have sued

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This is the kind of story that could keep the Phillie Phanatic out of the #1 spot again next year on Forbes' America's Favorite Sports Mascots. It sure sounds like he drives his ATV like number two.

During the pre-game ceremony at Citizen's Bank Ballpark the Phanatic recklessly drove his ATV within a foot of hitting Yonder Alonso. Alonso misses collision

"I didn’t see him coming and he was driving way too fast," said Alonso. "I was moving around the kids’ choir getting ready to sing the National Anthem when he flew past me on his ATV. I would have sued him.

The way this season has been going I'm surprised Alonso wasn't run down by mascot. With 40% of the team's payroll on the disabled list, our double hitting first baseman getting hit by a furry green mascot would be icing on the cake. Headlines would have read "Alonso suffers quad injury" or "ATV driven over Yonder".