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Previewing Padres vs Phillies with From the Phans

I appeared on the Phillies 24/7 show, From the Phans yesterday and I talked about what it's like to be a Padres Fan. And by Padres Fan, I mean me. So basically you may only identify with like 39% of what I say and the rest of it, you're probably going to be like, "Yo dude. That's not what I'm like at all."

Listen to me here. (starts at 28 minute mark)

The conversation was interesting because at one point, we talk about how the Nationals have established a little something of a rivalry with the Phillies and it comes at a time when the Phillies aren't especially impressive. You can kinda hear me become a little speechless at the idea that Phillies Phan doesn't quite realize that they've become the Yankees of the NL East. They overspend for talent that includes guys like Cole Hamels.

In any case, it's always interesting to have a conversation with a die hard fan of another team. Always puts things in perspective just a little bit.