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The Padres should move in the fences to prevent violence against Chase Headley

"Sometimes, I get so angry, my head starts to throb and I just want to punch the whiniest thing I can find."
"Sometimes, I get so angry, my head starts to throb and I just want to punch the whiniest thing I can find."

ESPN has an article up today (h/t padres8) that starts with a story about Mike Adams in 2011 and how much he hated hearing people bitch about the Petco Park fences. So much, in fact, that he decided to do a little bitching out of his own.

According to multiple sources, Ryan Ludwick and Chase Headley were among the targets of [Mike Adams'] tirade, and a scuffle broke out.

Adams' message was direct: Padres hitters needed to be less concerned with the ballpark -- and their personal home run totals -- and more concerned with getting base hits and scoring runs to help the team win. The message was not delivered gently, nor received warmly.

Now regardless of whether or not you want the fences moved, I think this the first time it's ever been brought up as a point that having the fences where they are leads to physical altercations. I'm no psychologist, but having fights break out in the clubhouse probably isn't good for team morale.

In my imagination, this is a little bit of what Mike Adams might have looked like after hearing for the billionth time that it's hard to hit home runs in Petco Park:

Except, like he would be yelling something like, "NOOOO MOOOORE FEEENCEEEESSSS!!!!"

Maybe not. But still.

So now we're at the point where it's not just that batters are complaining about the fences. Batters are now complaining about the fences so much, that pitchers are freaking out. And the pitchers are freaking out so crazy that the said batters are consequently fighting the pitchers.

This is a team, right? Even if they're not on the same page, they are on the same team (except for Ryan Ludwick and Mike Adams who were both apparently moved in an effort to not hurt Chase Headley's feelings any more).

What's the best way to get everybody on the team onto the same page?

Move the fences in.

Or not. Whatever it takes to keep Chase Headley happy short of signing him to any contracts.