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Padres Links: Gwynn recovering from blood clots, Fences start fights, Headley defense, Alonso a double machine, FSSD deal approved in secret

San Diego's favorite corner infielder
San Diego's favorite corner infielder
  • Gwynn hopes to resume coaching next week |
    I saw Gwynn a few weeks ago and he looked svelte and healthy but I didn't get a good look at his legs which apparently have blood clots. Wishing him a quick recovery.

    “I’d get there and I’d start feeling terrible while I was just standing around. I’d have get back in my truck, turn around and get back home. So I decided to rest and get this better. It’s turning around. I’m feeling a lot better. As much as I’ve missed being there, this was the right way to go. “The blood clot problem isn’t totally gone. But no one’s as concerned as they were a couple weeks ago.”
  • Friars on Cardboard
    TTG has a list of 52 facts about Gwynn on his 52nd birthday. A good reminder of what a great player he was.
  • Giancarlo Stanton's angst over Marlins Park's fences illustrates ongoing discord about ballpark dimensions - ESPN
    Former Padres reliever Mike Adams was telling hitters to get hits.
    The message was not delivered gently, nor received warmly.
  • Left Coast Bias: Defending Chase Headley on his Birthday
    It's become really hip recently to gush about Chase Headley, but riddle me this, if he's so great why does he need to be defended? Check and mate! But seriously, my recommendation is not to get to attached to Headley, he's not in the Padres long term plans.

    Chase Headley is one of only a few players that the Padres have that produce consistently, are durable, plays solid defense, and is homegrown (for whatever value you put on that).
  • PARIS: Hitting in Petco no problem for Alonso : North County Times - Californian
    Alonso may be slower than a night game at Petco Park but he hits doubles, that's why everyone likes him better than Headley.

    "He's relaxed, and he is swinging the bat like all our scouts thought he would,'' Black said of Alonso. "He is using the whole field, hitting line drives and keeping the ball out of the air, for the most part.''
  • insidethepadres: Finally
    Krasovic has the news before it's news. Nice of MLB to get around to approving the deal a month into the season. Top notch work.
    The TV deal between the Padres and Fox Sports San Diego has been approved by major league baseball.