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Joe Wieland headed to 15 day DL, EVERYBODY FREAK THE EFF OUT

"But it's their time... <em>their time</em>... up <em>there</em>. Down here it's our time... <em>our</em> time... down <em>here</em>..."
"But it's their time... their time... up there. Down here it's our time... our time... down here..."

Part of me thinks that if this were a "normal" season, meaning one where we haven't already lost multiple pitchers and our biggest off season acquisition to injury, the Joe Wieland 15 day DL trip wouldn't be a big deal. I mean the MRI came up negative. There's tightness in the elbow, which is a concern to be sure, but there's no structural damage. So the DL trip looks to be a way to give Wieland some rest and give the FO some flexibility on the active roster while they decide what to do with Carlos Quentin and Tim Stauffer set to possibly join the team for the Washington series (as mentioned by Josh Byrnes on 1090 this morning).

But this is not a normal season...

This being a somewhat terrible season so far, it's probably cause to freak out a little bit. Or freak out a lot. Whatever floats your boat.

Me? I'll be the guy that tries to look forward to Stauffer and Quentin coming back and turning things around. I like being that guy. Cool and calm and taking everything in stride like the guy who caught the ball in his beer and found an excuse to pound it (and probably scored himself a free one in the process).

That's the guy I'd like to be. I'll go ahead and freak out for a little bit, but a quick punch to the jock and I'll be good again by tomorrow.

Go Padres.

Joe Wieland

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Jan 21, 1990

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