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Pick 6 has launched! Best. Pick'em. Game. Evar.

I'm totally picking up Ryan Braun...
I'm totally picking up Ryan Braun...


So what's Pick 6?
It is a daily pick'em that we now are hosting on Gaslamp Ball, where you compete against Gaslamp Ballers and other people on SB Nation. Many often think of Gaslamp Ballers as somehow not knowing as much as the other SBN blogs, but that's not true, and owning Pick 6 will help prove our worth.

How do you play?
Every day, you pick six players to fill out your roster: catcher, corner infielder (I looked it up and this is a third baseman or a first baseman), middle infielder, outfielder, starting pitcher and relief pitcher.

You have $120 of imaginary money to spend per day and each player has a different cost based on how well they've performed and how popular they are among Pick 6 contestants.

I hate the time commitment of fantasy baseball. Why should I care?
Since it's a daily game, you can compete on any day that you want to. Scores are tabulated if you want to see how you rank over a week or over a season, but the basic game is just a day to day. Also, it takes maybe two minutes to set a lineup for the day. Also also... Since you're a Gaslamp Baller, you're already signed up. You just have to click on that thing on the left to get going.

Also also also... This gives us something else to talk about in the Game Threads if Joe Wieland decides to wiewie himself on the mound.

Also, also, also, also... On the occasions that jbox and I get stuff to give away, we're often at a loss as to how to do that so we'll likely end up using this thing to give away free stuff every now and then.

For more information on how to play and how scores are calculated, please go to the Rules page.

Good luck and Play Ball! Play Pick 6 now.

As an inaugural prize: If you win tonight's first Pick 6 (come in first on the Gaslamp Ball Leaderboard), you can send me a topic of your choice and I'll write a passionate post for it. Like even if it's something I disagree with, I'll get you at least 150 words on why it's the best thing ever. Baseball related please.