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Moores blackballs North County Times

Moores puts away wallet
Moores puts away wallet

NC Times reporter Jay Paris has written another scathing and snarky piece about the Padres. I like a good snarky article but Paris is about as foulweather as they come. He's always at his best when the Padres are at their worst.

Yet he acts surprised that John Moores won't agree to an interview with North County Times. Moores has denied their request at least a dozen times since January. Paris's most recent article isn't going to help their cause.

Isn't it obvious by now? John Moores does not like criticism.

He gave millions to SDSU and then cut them off after a student journalist questioned in the Daily Aztec whether it was ethical for the school to take money deemed dirty. Moores took it out on the entire school because of one student's opinion.

He's quick to give the silent treatment too. Moores, once the public face of the Padres, mentally checked out after lawsuits slowed the building of the ballpark. Players said they barely knew him. He practically became a hermit after his divorce.

He also has a temper, voting against Selig after his refusal to finalize the sale of the team. Look how quickly he turned on Jeff Moorad once the deal fell through.

Moores even refused to talk to Trevor Hoffman during their contract dispute when he questioned Sandy Alderson and the direction of the club.

When Moores was criticized by The Reader the author received the article in the mail wrapped around a fish with Moores' business card in its mouth.

At this point the best case scenario for the NC Times and Paris is if they get their story back covered in parakeet droppings.