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Game Thread: 04/08 Padres vs. Dodgers

I was unsuccessful at bringing home a win last night. But I was successful at pissing off a some Dodgers fans, coming home drunk, and writing about it on Gaslamp Ball. So I've got that going.

Today is our last chance to salvage a win in this Opening series against the Dodgers. We need to make something happen. Everyone looks so uninspired at the plate and it's really frustrating. Clayton Richard will try to lead us to our first win of the season this afternoon. After missing almost half of last season, Richard is excited to be back on the mound at Petco, healthy and ready to take on the Dodgers lineup.

Aaron Harang will make the start for LA. Did you know he grew up in San Diego? After going 14-7 last year for the Padres, Harang is quite familiar and comfortable pitching at Petco Park. Hopefully our hitters can somehow overcome that. Or the Dodgers bullpen can giftwrap some more runs for us.

Our lineup is as follows: Maybin 8, Venable 9, Headley 5, Guzman 7, Alonso 3, Baker 2, Bartlett 6, Parrino 4, Richard 1.

The always awesome Steve Poltz, mayor of Niceyville and ridiculously photogenic guy, is singing the National Anthem at the game today, and I'm hoping he can bring some luck to the team. Starting the season off by getting swept by our rivals would not be ideal, so... SUPER MWG.


P.S. Happy Birthday, Yonder Alonso!