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The San Diego Chicken will be at tonight's game!

As if you needed a another reason to go to tonight's Padres game... The World Famous San Diego Chicken will be in attendance!

And that's just the entertainment they have planned for you. There is also the opportunity for special serendipitous moments that happen in the stands.

WARNING: Not for those with weak stomachs.

The first minute is the empathetic camera man prodding the sick guy to throw up again so he can record it. The money shot comes at :58 if you're one of those people that don't like the story. Nothing like hearing the sweet sounds of the Allman Brothers accompanied by a drunk guy vomiting.

I had a very similar situation happen to me last year during a Giants series except I was not giggling and begging for "one more scream hurl". I guess when the Padres have been playing as poorly as they have then you get your entertainment wherever you can.