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Padres GM Byrnes on injuries, Orlando Hudson rumors, Cashner's conversion and Petco Park fences

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Friarhood Radio: Josh Byrnes Interview with Steve Adler (MP3)

  • Padres have been in close games but haven't been winning them. The Padres are leading the league in walks. They've both issued the most and drawn the most. They're still striking out a lot. "We just haven't played well."
  • "We realize we have to play well to win, we don't have to play perfectly to win." If the Padres play well they can win a lot of games.
  • Injuries have hurt the Padres. They lost their opening day starter and their clean up hitter. The team is missing Carlos Quentin's presence in the middle of the line up. Quentin is getting close to playing in 2 weeks then he'll play 5 to 7 rehab games.
  • Byrnes can't confirm it but it is a possibility that Dustin Moseley is done for the season.
  • The Padres bullpen has pitched the most innings in the National League. They need the starters to carry more of the load.
  • Byrnes says Andrew Cashner's use will be monitored closely. Cashner says he feels good. Ideally they'd like to transition Cashner into a starter.
    "Yeah. I think, as we've all seen, he has got three pitches, he has a nice delivery, he really has the ingredients for a starter."
    "He might have the ability to be a really good closer."
  • On Scott Miller's article about Orlando Hudson being a short timer:
    Byrnes thinks the team is trying hard, but no player is assured of anything. If the Padres have better alternatives in house then they will use them.
    "I understand why it gets focused on O-Dog with his contract and all of that, but I just think that If we're not playing better then we've got to find alternatives and we've got to try other things to get better results."
  • Will Venable has been more consistent with his mechanics.
  • Chase Headley has been "tremendous" so far. "We still control Chase until 2014 and of course people have speculated with Jedd Gyorko, James Darnell and Logan Forsythe..." but Gyorko has not been off to a good start in AAA. They are going to keep guys that are playing well.
    "Chase has clearly been our best player so far and that has not been lost on us."
  • There's a lot of young players in the minors that have not gotten off to a good start. Everth Cabrera hasn't had a good start. James Darnell has been ok. Jedd Gyorko isn't off to a good start. Kyle Blanks and Casey Kelly have been hurt. If they are going to play at the major league level they'll have to prove it. The team believes in their farm system.
  • The contract with AAA Tucson is up this year. From a baseball standpoint they like to keep pitchers out of the PCL where the parks play more fair. "When in doubt we want to keep guys in AA." It's not ideal. They'd like to find a AAA environment that plays fair.
  • Casey Kelly will have two weeks of rest and then they'll have 2 more weeks of ramping back up.
  • Byrnes on moving in the Petco Park fences:
    "It's something we have to consider. Would we do it? How much would it help? I don't know."
    The low scoring games may not be as entertaining. Since Petco Park opened the Padres have had the smallest home field advantage in the division. In the past 9 years the team hasn't been able to figure it out.
  • Byrnes is out of the loop on the Fox Sports SD cable deal.