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Cole Hamels IS the fairweather fan that he criticizes in San Diego

Fairweather Fan: takes one to know one.
Fairweather Fan: takes one to know one.

Cole Hamels was asked in February as he approaches free agency if he'd consider playing for his hometown team, the Padres.

Clearly he's criticizing the quality of fans in San Diego.

Today as he prepares to play in San Diego he backtracked on his statements. Now he doesn't blame the fans, he blames Padres ownership for creating fairweather fans, including his own fairweather fandom. He says he was a big fan in 1998 when the team went to the World Series but jumped ship when they started losing.

"It’s not the fans. They alienate their own fans by not keeping guys around, especially the guys they develop. They won’t keep an Adrian Gonzalez or go get that big-name guy. That’s just hard on a fan."

His parents rightfully called him out for his statements to the press.

"My parents called me and said, "What are you talking about???' " said Hamels.

His response to them was the same as the kid from the anti-drug ads in the late 80's. "I learned it from watching you!"

"I told them, 'Exactly what we talked about at the dinner table when I was in high school.' "

Now watch as Hamels signs with the highest bidder next year.


Hamels was a Dodgers fan all along and a bandwagon fan at that. (Hat Tip: @VocalMinoritySD )


"I think I was more of a bandwagon fan."