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Sunbathing at Camelback Ranch

Sunbather at Camelback
Sunbather at Camelback

Dex and I went out to Camelback Ranch (which isn't a bordello) last week to watch the Padres play the White Sox. We made the dumb decision of buying seats out on the grass, when we could have sat in the shade and had all you can eat food for about the same price.

It was hot and so we sat by the left field foul pole on a grass slope under a sapling trying to stay cool. There were barely any fans in attendance so we had pretty much the whole grass area to ourselves, but were huddled in the corner. We thought for sure we'd get our hands on a foul ball. Our only competition was a large shirtless man (pictured above), but he was obviously more interested in catching rays than foul balls.

The next day when we met up with some of the Padres reporters, I showed off my wildlife photography. They were all titillated when I showed them this picture. Bob Scanlan in particular loved it. Dan Hayes exclaimed "You've got to show this to Bill Center!" They'd all taken notice of "The Walrus" from the press box, but I think he's posed more like a sea lion.

Later when we said our goodbyes, Bill Center wished us luck and safe travels. He gave us parting advice that was something like, "Don't forget, to get the good stories you'll have to get out from under the shade of the tree." I guess he was right except in this particular case.