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Bud Black Press Conference Notes, 4/19/2012

The crowd behind the FSSD stage is like a good idea that's not quite working out so great after games. You're left with drunk fans of the opposing team. That's a weird shot.

What did Bud Black say about tonight's game?
  • On Joe Wieland: First start had a tough time with the long ball. Today, he was in jeopardy. Put himself in a little bit of a crisis, but got Mayberry and Ruiz.
  • From that point in, he settled in. Started getting the ball down. Changeup and curve were very effective.
  • Each pitch he threw, he got more composed.
  • After a rocky first five hitters, he righted the ship and threw a hell of a game.
  • Not seeing Joe in a live regular season game, there was a lot of talk about the fastball, but he's got good secondary pitches.
  • Changeup is important for his development. Joe's worked hard on that.
  • Had that sharp breaking pitch and a fastball with some movement.
  • Both leadoff walks scored and that's not how you draw it up. Only walked two, which moving forward might be a good sign, but both of them scored.
  • Our guys have to come up at a better rate than what we are now.