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Notes from postgame press conference with Bud Black 4/18/2012

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I like how Fox Sports SD televises Bud Black's press conferences now. There's something about the reporters whispering really generic questions to our manager that makes me giggle. "Did you want to say anything about Chase?" or "How about those Rockies?"

I think my favorite part though is when there is a break between questions and Black just stares straight ahead in awkward silence.

  • Clayton Richard left the ball up and the Rockies put good wood on it.
  • Black really wanted Richard to go 7 innings to save the bullpen. He didn't.
  • It was a good night for Chase Headley with two opposite field home runs and a crisp single.
  • Padress need better starting pitching. Black compares a good start like the one Cory Luebke had the other night to Richard's. One led to a win and the other to a loss. See how that works.
  • Padres just couldn't climb out of the eight run hole.