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Corey Brock talks Padres topics with Darren Smith

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XX Sports Radio: Padres Beat Writer Corey Brock Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • The Sunday "unconventional" triple play against the Dodgers was the low point of the season so far.
  • Corey can see why fans and hitters were frustrated by Jamie Moyer. It's kind of a neat story though. Darren compares Moyer to Tebow saying everyone likes talking about him but no one wants him on their team. Corey agrees.
  • Orlando Hudson has gotten off to a very slow start, but he's only had 35 at-bats. There are some personality issues with Hudson that may or may not take place inside the clubhouse. The Padres need a back up plan if they cut Hudson. They've been talking to some other teams. Darren says GM Josh Byrnes "loves" Hudson and "is still pretty fond of him".
  • If the Padres are really scuffling by mid-May to early June then Huston Street will likely be moved. It's too soon now to entertain any offers and the Padres don't want a move to be construed as "waving the white flag" it could be bad for television and ticket sales.
  • The only good news out of this month was Casey Kelley. He had elbow soreness but the MRI revealed that there was no physical damage. He'll be put on a rehab program.
  • Darren has heard that Austin Hedges can be a defensive catcher today in the MLB, but no one is sure about the hitting. Corey thinks that Hedges' bat has really improved in instructional league.
  • Tim Stauffer is progressing with his tricep injury. The Padres were caught scrambling to fill positions at the beginning of the season because of injuries.
  • Corey hasn't heard any rumblings of the team not being able to focus on the game because of Padres ownership issues. The players have so much on their plate that ownership issues don't affect them.