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Jamie Moyer sets a major league record against the Padres. Rockies 5, Padres 3

"So let me get this straight... What did GI Joes look like when you were a kid? Really? WTF."
"So let me get this straight... What did GI Joes look like when you were a kid? Really? WTF."

It's hard to believe, but in 12 games this season, the Padres have allowed two different pitchers to set records against us. Aarong Harang gets 9 strikeouts in a row for the Dodger record and Jamie Moyer gets the record for oldest pitcher to record a win.

It's exactly this kind of game that somehow influenced my decision to keep yesterday's win out of the number 1 or 2 spots. I know, it's weird to say, but yesterday's win didn't really convince me of anything except that every dog has its day. And a loss today just kinda confirms it for me.

Not to say that it wasn't an interesting game. The Padres were competitive for a good amount of the game, even putting together a little rally in the 9th. Anthony Bass wasn't bad. There was some offense. But things just didn't come together for us and Jamie Moyer is in the record books.

I'm beginning to think today's game is going to be the Padres 2012 MO.

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