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Talking blogs and Padres on the SDSU Sports MBA Podcast

I appeared on the Spots MBA Podcast recently with Ryan Kaltenbach (@RyanKaltenbach) from SDSU's Sports MBA program, of which I'm a proud alumni.

Ryan and I talked about Gaslamp Ball's roots, the Padres in general, running a blog, other stuff. Personally, I think it turned out pretty well and if you're a relatively new Gaslamp Baller, this gets you a pretty good overview of what Gaslamp Ball is.

I was fighting a cold, so sorry for the smacking noises. That's a cough drop.

It might be longer than you expect, so get some comfy headphones and settle in for a good old fashioned conversation.

Oh also, keep in mind that this was recorded after the 4th game of the season so maybe my prediction that the Padres could make a run at .500 is already off by like a ton.