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That was the worst game of the season: Padres Game Rankings 2012

"9 months later, Dale Scott Gordon was born."
"9 months later, Dale Scott Gordon was born."

After having it not leave my mind all afternoon, sleeping on it, waking up, and realizing it actually happened, I decided that indeed was the worst game of a pretty bad start to the 2012 season.

I'm hoping that's rock bottom. It must be rock bottom when the umpire works in concert with your opponent, kills your drive and allows the Dodgers to stifle your chance at a getaway victory against Clayton Kershaw, the reigning Cy Young Award winner and co-SBNation Cy Young Award Winner (is it also called the Cy Young by us?).

It was also the first sweep of the season. Until now, the Padres had managed to eke out victories here and there, but this time we weren't allowed to.

Also, the way the Dodgers all dog piled in this writhing pile of blue and white 42's after the game. Celebrating like they had won the World Series in April. Ugh. So gross.

Yeah, congrats, Dodgers. That's some kind of record you've amassed primarily against the young Padres team while we wait on the contracts to expire of two of its next to useless veterans. Our depth crushed by injury, our biggest acquired bat on the shelf and half of our rotation on the DL.

And the Dodgers STILL needed an ump assisted triple play.

But scoreboard is scoreboard and the Dodgers have that on us and if they choose to get all ridiculous, piling up and grabbing ass and cupchecking all over themselves then I guess the Padres have to own it.

This also ranks #1 by the "Did this game make Dex completely lose it?" metric.

Therefore... Worst game of the season....

Bright side... It was also one of the top ten games of the season. Wait... Is that bright side?

Full rankings after the jump.

  1. April 8th, 2012 - Padres 8, Dodgers 4 - Win #1, Easter Sunday
  2. April 11th, 2012 - Padres 2, Diamondbacks 1 - Win #2, Denorfia bomb
  3. April 13th, 2012- Padres 8, Dodgers 9 - The Aaron Harang Nightmare
  4. April 12th, 2012 - Padres 1, Diamondbacks 3 - Rubber Game #1 and/or Ian Kennedy
  5. April 10th, 2012 - Padres 2, Diamondbacks 4 - Extra Innings #2
  6. April 7th, 2012 - Padres 5, Dodgers 6 - Extra Innings #1
  7. April 14th, 2012 - Padres 1, Dodgers 6 - Joe Wieland's debut and/or Snorefest
  8. April 5th, 2012 - Padres 3, Dodgers 5 - Opening Day
  9. April 6th, 2012 - Padres 0, Dodgers 6 - Tony Gwynn Opening Day
  10. April 15th, 2012 - Padres 4, Dodgers 5 - Dale Scott Triple Play