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Game Thread: 04/15 Padres vs. Dodgers



Just kidding. I'm standing by the whole "it's still early / we always suck in April" argument. Sure it's difficult to watch this team now, but every loss just makes the wins that much more exciting. Or something.

Joe Wieland's debut last night wasn't exactly the turning point that Padres fans were hoping for. But today our Padres will take on the Dodgers for the seventh time in eleven days and try to avoid the sweep, as they've been able to do all season so far. See? At least this team is consistent.

Clayton Kershaw will try to keep the Dodgers in the win column, where they've been in all but one game of the season (a game played against the PADRES). Kershaw only lasted three innings when he started against us on Opening Day, but he was still able to keep our offense in check despite not feeling like his usual self. Now that he is feeling closer to 100% and is pitching at home, our lineup really has their work cut out for them.

Edinson Volquez will try to carry over from his previous start, against the Diamondbacks, when he went seven innings and allowed two runs and overall looked more like the pitcher we expected when we got him from Cincinnati, rather than the pitcher who started for us on Opening Day. He will be facing a Dodgers lineup that features a red-hot Matt Kemp, who has gone 4-for-6 this series with three home runs, four runs scored, and six RBI. If we have any hope of winning this game, Volquez is going to have to find a way to quiet Kemp's bat and keep it close for our offense, who will hopefully play like they did on Friday and not like they did last night.

It's Jackie Robinson day, and the Dodgers are all like, "This is OUR day. We gotta win this sh_t for Jackie!" But guess what, Dodgers. Our Padres are currently undefeated on Sundays in 2012. We are also undefeated when trying to avoid the sweep going into the last game of the series. And we fully intend to keep those streaks going!