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Time Lapse of Padres Game

Here's a cool time lapse video of the April 10th Padres Game at Petco Park. I always wanted to try taking a time lapse video but I could never sit still that long.

You know what would make this even cooler? The wave. Oh man, you know it's true! Look how mad you're getting because you know it is true! You hate the wave sooo much, but you know the wave would look so cool. You're so mad right now. Just relax, let the wave wash over you.

Look, all this means is that we'll have to do the wave at every game, just in case someone is shooting a time lapse video. That's all. But we'll have to do it the entire game, one wave after another, crashing on the shores of the bullpen on one side and the beach seats on the other. Back and forth, forth and back.

Ok, so it's decided. We'll do the wave.