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Steve Garvey interested in buying the Padres

Steve Garvey signing a picture posed with a skateboarding dog.
Steve Garvey signing a picture posed with a skateboarding dog.

The North County Times reports that Steve Garvey and his group are interested in buying the Padres. Just a few months ago he fell far short of purchasing the Dodgers.

Yes. Absolutely (interested in the Padres)," said Garvey, whose group didn't survive the first round of cuts in the Dodgers sale. "Obviously, I had so many years in Los Angeles. People equate me with that. But in the time we spent in San Diego, we accomplished a lot and laid a foundation for success.

"There are a lot of positives, a lot of pluses."

This new craze that Magic Johnson started of athletes fronting ownership groups has names like Garvey, Gwynn and Winfield all being floated.

Winfield sure seemed envious of Magic on his Twitter account, but he doesn't seem passionate enough about the Padres to go to the trouble of buying the team, maybe the Yankees. You think his little brag about being a Multi-Sport Athlete stems from jealousy of Magic?

Gwynn wouldn't rule out his interest when asked by the LA Times, saying:

"That's something I would really consider," he said. "I love the Padre organization. I love what they represent. We really care about people in this town."

As for Garvey he's been interested in buying a team since 2010. I thought it was strange then because I had just seen him signing pictures with a skateboarding dog at Petco Park's "Dog Days of Summer". How could this man have billionaire friends?

I'll say this of Garvey he sure seems to have his thumb on the pulse of Padres fans. He says that Padres fans are really supportive of their team except when they're not:

"They have a real solid, strong fan base that fluctuates," Garvey said. "San Diego really supports the team. Then there's the good seasons and they really turn out."

I'm not, not in favor of Garvey owning the Padres, but I think we have to look at all San Diego Sports legends, like Dennis Conner and Dan Fouts before we settle on one.