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Shock Video: Padres fan arrested for trying to fight Dodger fan on Opening Day

I wish the Dodger fan who shot this video would learn to hold his camera phone horizontally so it wouldn't feel like we have blinders on.

Look how crazy Dodger fan makes Padre fan. Padre fan is enraged and needs to be held back while Dodger fan taunts him from behind security. Dodger fan was probably quoting Return of the Jedi "Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete! " The lesson here is that you can't let Dodger fan get to you.

Midway through the video as the Padres fan is being taken away in handcuffs the Dodger camera man poses a question to his stoner Dodger fan friends. "Hey Matt! Hey Matt! What's your take on this?" The response is classic.

"Heeeey man...." and then after a long pause he's seen clutching his hot dog receipt and talking about how he won the lottery or something. Realizing he wasn't going to get anything of value out of Matt the camera pans to his wild eyed friend seated below who is seen tugging at his Bob Marley shirt chanting, you guessed it, "Bob Marley! Bob Marley!" I swear you just can't get good fight commentary from stoners anymore.

The video ends with the crowd erupting in cheers for what I think was Cameron Maybin's homerun.

Yeah, so don't fight at baseball games.