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Padres Headphones Unboxing (BiGR MLB Series)

You know what I kinda find fascinating are unboxing videos on YouTube. Like people who record themselves opening up the box on a new toy or something. I'm not sure why.

In any case, I had the opportunity to do an unboxing of my own.

Those are great looking headphones, right?

I still need to do a proper review, but for now, if you're interested, find more info at BiGR's website. Full disclosure, the fine folks at BiGR sent me this pair to review. I consider myself an amateur audiophile, but I typically spend less than $100 for headphones and earbuds.

Also, just as a warning, I gush a little over the headphones themselves. Like it's a little embarrassing. A friend who watched the video said, "It's like you were with a woman".I think that might probably be just because I was recording the moment that I first saw them and I heard a choir from the heavens singing during the whole unboxing process.