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Russian Baseball as played with a 12 gauge shotgun

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I'll get off of YouTube here in a minute, but I thought I'd share another video making the rounds. This is FPS Russia. My gun nut friends tell me that (surprise) he is not really Russian, but somehow he gets a hold of a lot of different guns and bombs and stuff and he has access to a good amount of open space and he basically blows stuff up.

This is him doing some damage to baseballs getting shot out of a pitching machine. The baseball stuff starts at the 2 minute mark, but the first part is good also, wherein he demonstrates the fastest way to dig a fox hole and then shoots a jug of water that's standing too close to him.

I'm thinking you get FPS Russia in the same area as Connor Powers a 12 gauge shotgun and a bucket of baseballs and you have the makings of a pretty interesting trick shot video.