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Baseball Trick Shots by Connor Powers, Padres Minor Leaguer

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Watch this and be amazed, or at least relatively impressed...

You know how some hitters seem to be hitting the ball where they want to hit it? Part of you thinks, "OK he's a major leaguer, but among major leaguers, he must be special." Connor Powers is an A-ball corner infielder and, as this video shows, he will hit the ball just about anywhere you ask him to hit the ball. And if the ball's on a tee? He will hit the ball from said tee into places that you probably shouldn't be able to hit.

Like at one point, he hits off of a tee into a pitching target. If the rules allowed it, do you think he could hit the ball into a the strike zone with a live batter and have the second batter hit the ball out of the park?


Also, this must be part of the Padres new strategy for hitters. If you expect to succeed in Petco Park and you're not going to be able to hit the ball over the fence, you better be able to make the ball do some sort of wacky Gold Ruberg Machine all over the infield to give yourself a shot at a .300 BA.