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Local rapper and producer creates a Padres Anthem

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San Diego's own DJ COOKOO and his artist HEAT created a Rally Song for the Chargers a while back ("We Charge Hard") and now they've created one for the Padres. He says it's "Just a little something to fire up the Padres players and fans for the new season".

Here's a snippet he put on YouTube:

Upon request @PadresAnthem was nice enough to send me the mp3 to the full song.

Here's the lyrics as I hear them:

San Diego, stand proud!
San Diego, get loud!

When I read that last line to Dex over the phone he thought I said "San Diego get bowed!", like we were about to get bent over by our opponents. Maybe that will be included in the remix.

Now or never step to the plate,
now you in the zone of the SD Padres!
(DJ scratch)

The first few times I listened to the hook, I couldn't get past the fact that the line doesn't rhyme. But while listening to the song over and over in order to transcribe the lyrics it's become less noticeable.

The first verse goes like this:

Lace up your cleats condition your leather,
now step on to the field this is baseball weather.

And just like a chess game we making moves,
suited in my Padre blue ready to rule.

If there's one thing people know about San Diego its that we have good weather. I like that they drive that point home right away.

America’s finest welcome to my hometown,
now get loud in your throwback brown.
San Diego pride ain’t nothing less,
welcome to the NL Wild Wild West!

Good to hear these guys are in the Bring Back the Brown crowd.

I think this is the part where HEAT comes in for the interlude, it's my favorite part:

Fresh leather in my glove soon enough be golden,
your pitcher scare of these big bats we holding.

I like that they use some creative license when talking about the team's offense. More from HEAT:

Stolen bases never recovered, we a band of brothers,
home runs calculated one after another.
Not just another city but we hungry for more,
and showing no mercy as we run up the score.
Hear the roar from the crowd as we take the field,
because we sending teams home with something they can feel, C'mon!

Repeat the hook a bunch of times and those are the lyrics.

I'll give them this, the song gets stuck in your head real easily.

They tell me the song will be released this spring in time for the new season.