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Happiness Project March: Get Psyched For The Season

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Look how happy those kids are. That's what you're shooting for.
Look how happy those kids are. That's what you're shooting for.

As we finished up February, I realized that the one thing I didn't quite do enough of was read old timey time books. Maybe the best part about February for me is just keeping it in the back of my mind that baseball is full of history, etc.

For March, our resolutions focus on getting psyched for the season. Here's a video:

When jbox and I were talking about how we might be happier baseball fans, he made a comment that the happiest people at games were little kids. So some of our resolutions are about emulating little kids. Incidentally, I said that some of the other happiest looking people are the female groupies, so we may do something emulating female groupies also.

With little kids though, you can just see how innocently they follow the game. Even the ones who know what they're talking about. It's still a game and it's fun to watch and if the Padres lose, they're gonna forget about it like in ten minutes.

So what should you try to do when watching Little League? Ideally, you're watching a relative or something play, but even if you're watching your buddy's kid or something, just try to soak in how much fun they're having. Don't get bogged down by the idea that, if any of these kids make it to the big leagues, they'll be corrupted by money and greed and old men looking to sell jeans. Ignore all that stuff and enjoy a 50 cent hot dog and over aggressive parents lose their sh_t over bad umpiring that makes their children cry.

And then tell us about it, because it's kinda funny to me when little leaguers cry in like a "just wait till you're a grown up" sort of way.