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Padres extend Spring Training lease with City of Perioa. Facility upgrades on the way.

I didn't realize that as part of the deal that extended the lease between the Padres, the Mariners and the City of Peoria that each clubhouse would get a $15 million upgrade and the fields a $6 million upgrade.

Without reading the article, I just assumed that facility changes would provide underground tunnels to allow players to travel between fields without the annoyance of interacting with fans, but maybe that part comes later with the razor wire and electrified fences. I guess the standard fences are doing the job for now.

Potential stadium improvements include seating enhancements, party deck, façade improvements, plaza area, and upgrades to field and lighting systems.

I also didn't realize that the Seattle Mariners consider the Padres their "natural buddies" instead of the MLB's claim that they are natural rivals. The Padres agree except when they meet on the field. On the field like in the last two days we have more of a boxer and punching bag type relationship.