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Carlos Quentin hits baseball in Padres loss to Mariners, begins season of Quen-TINSANITY

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The Padres lost a close football game to the Mariners 13-7 yesterday at the Peoria Sports Complex. I referred to it as a football game, because 13 points and 7 points are totals that are typically scored by football teams. 7 being a touchdown and an extra point. 13 being 7 plus an additional 6, which is readily scored by two field goals or a touchdown and a missed extra point.

Ah sports reporting!

The news of the day is that Carlos Quentin came in and hit the ball, which was totally unexpected considering that he is viewed as the second coming of Ryan Ludwick to some Padres fans.

In other news, I'm enjoying the rapport that Ted Leitner and Bob Scanlan are displaying so far. It may be my imagination, but there are hints of the slightest jabs being thrown back and forth as the Two Titans of Terrritorial Talk Television circle one another like cats, each waiting till the other turns its back before spraying on some nearby lawn furniture to demonstrate his dominance.

Best line of the afternoon though. Ted was talking about how overcast it was in Peoria and how it was supposed to be sunny and warm all day, to which Scanman replied, "Tanning index down today, Ted?" Which may have been innocent, but I construed as a jab that Scan has a better tan than Leitner.

I'm gonna love these two in the booth.

HeyScan, 1 - Friar Ted, 0

Also, I hope Carlos Quentin continues to hit the ball as if her were a proper baseball player. Because if there's one thing Jeremy Lin has given me is plenty of ridiculous things to add to the end of Quentin's last name.

Go Padres!