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Andrew Cashner averages a 102.2 mph fastball

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Anthony who?

Anthony Rizzo who?

Who what?

The Padres lost against the hated Mariners today, but the story of the afternoon? The 10 pitches that Andrew Cashner threw in his one inning of relief.

10 pitches.

All fastballs.

Average speed... 102.2 miles per hour.

Look at the breakdown (h/t SchlomSD from the comments). Check out the table titled Pitch Statistics. Pitch Type: 4 seam fastball. Average Speed: 102.22 mph. Max speed: 103.3.

Remember when we all had PFOB over Trevor Hoffman after he had perfected his change? Remember the (awesome) Off-Speed Kills signs?

I'm pretty sure running the gun up over 103 mph in your very first Spring Training appearance earns a little happy dance in the hearts of Padres fans.

The optimist in me is still holding out hope that Cashner comes back into starting rotation form this season after Cubs tried to work his arm into the ground last season. But if he ends up setting the table for Huston Street and inherits the closer role in 2013, well let's just say I look forward to triple digit fastballs inheriting the power bestowed upon them by Petco Park and sea level air.

Recommendation #2 for entrance music: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. Though at this point, God's Gonna Cut You Down is the clear favorite.

Andrew Cashner

#34 / Pitcher / San Diego Padres





Sep 11, 1986

Arm: Like a shotgun

Fastball: Pure Smoke