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Padres sign Cam Maybin to a five year extension

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The Padres have officially signed Cameron Maybin to a five year extension worth $25 million with an option for 2017. How sick is that?

Cam is well deserving of his contract after stealing 40 bases last season... and my heart. I heard Corey Brock likes him too, but he can't say that officially because he has to be around him while covering the beat. That would be crazy awkward if Cam were to look over and find Corey Brock staring lustfully in the center fielder's direction. Still, Corey gets a quote:

"It's a situation where I would love to play here for years and years to come ... especially since they gave me this opportunity," Maybin said. "These guys believe in me. Hopefully it all pans out. But San Diego is a place I would love to call home. It's hard not to fall in love with the city, the ballpark and fans."

I ran into Cam Maybin earlier this offseason after a batting practice session at Petco Park. He's been living in San Diego since becoming a Padre and loves the city. Here's hoping that this is the start to a long career with the club.

Incidentally, for those who like to keep score, only $500k of the $25 million will be paid out this season as player salary, which is sure to upset those Padres fans seeking $80 million payrolls before they allow themselves to pay attention to the team. Cam Maybin will not be worth over a million dollars until next season when his salary jumps to $3 million. According to those who need an $80 million payroll, Cam Maybin will, at that point, become 6 times as good as he will be this season.

Cameron Maybin

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