DEX & JBOX patrolling the desert

Always fun to see JBOX & DEX under any circumstances, but even better out here in Peoria during the Dog Days of spring. Even though they still haven't figured out that AZ and CA are in the same time zone, they looked well acclimated and anxious to gather fun stories and GLB worthy observations to share with all of us. I was taken aback, however, by a disturbing picture JBOX took of a fan yesterday with no sense of modesty or self awareness as he lay naked on the grassy knoll at Camelback Ranch ballpark. Almost as alarming a visual as when GLB posted a hair swap of me and my former partner in crime, Johnny "Midnight" Weisbarth!

Anyway, hope the fellas have fun out here and take my advice to go to Sakana Sushi out here before they head back.


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