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Dodgers sell for $2.15 billion dollars to Magic Johnson group

The Wall Street Journal says $2.15 BILLION dollars is what Magic finally bid and won the Dodgers for.

$2.15 BILLION.

I ain't paying for no subscription to the Wall Street Journal, but the teaser says the deal includes the surrounding land. The urine filled parking lots being a very contentious part of the deal. If you can't get into Chavez Ravine then you can't enjoy the wonderful thing that is Dodgers baseball.

The latest Forbes valuation put the Dodgers at $1.4 Billion, so this is 54% more.

I now believe people who think that Moorad was looking to flip the team.

Let's do the math. If Forbes is off by that much and Magic Johnson's numbers suggests the actual going price for a baseball team and the properties involved with it, then Forbes' Padres number of $458 million may be off by a good amount. Let's say the purchase price of the Padres in 2009 was around $400 million. Forbes' number pulls the actual value of the team today closer to $700 million. If Moorad got his original $200+ million in to score the 49% of the team and is being "forced" to sell his stake now at a prospective $700 million price point, then he just pulled off a $150 million deal by the time it's all said and done and Ken Kendrick helped him do it.

It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. People were worried that he was going to flip the team for a huge profit... So they're forcing him to flip the team for a huge profit.

$2.15 billion though. Man. I bet Albert Pujols is kicking himself for not holding out now. If they're gonna ratchet up the numbers for a parking lot, I bet Pujols could've scored a 20 year, $300 million deal from Magic Johnson.