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Kevin Goldstein on the San Diego Padres, "Cornucopia of young talent"

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Back to some videos!

I got on the phone with Kevin Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus and we talked a little baseball. Here's the first of some indeterminate number of videos. Apologies for the sound. I had Kevin mic'd up, but I think he might've been moving around. If need be, I can get a transcript going if it's real bad.

We talk in the first video about the depth of the system and its notable lack of stars. In Kevin's opinion, stars are what can turn a team around, but having this much talent is really remarkable. It's an interesting conundrum to have. The very best system without the very best prospects. Quantity over quality? Or do we have a lot of quality in a large quantity? I'm not sure. One thing's for sure, we have guys in the system that are right around the corner and we have a lot of interesting depth at the lower levels.

Full disclosure: I received a review copy of the Baseball Prospectus 2012 . If you're into the numbers, then it's probably already on your purchase list, but as someone who buys into the annuals semi-regularly as opposed to religiously, I'd still recommend picking this one up if only because it has writeups on all of the guys we'll be watching come up over the next few years.

Part two coming soon!