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Padres accused of hurting local sporting goods businesses by giving away free Little League uniforms

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Not everybody is happy with the The Padres Little League Initiative. You try to do something nice for the kids by donating 10,000 Little League uniforms to local youth and you're bound to upset someone.

10 News: Local Businesses Feel Impact Of Padres' Uniform Donation

"I don't know if they realized it, but they have in fact jeopardized many jobs, many businesses, by taking what is our livelihood," said Sportland co-owner Stan Davis.

I understand Davis's financial concern, but this is business. If someone offers a better product for a cheaper price then their competition is going to lose out. That happens in all markets, not just sporting goods. In theory this also means that families have more disposable income to spend on other equipment.

The Padres shouldn't pass up on a great marketing campaign that instills civic pride in the city's youth. It's critical that the Padres start indoctrinating fans from a young age to lay some ground work for the future.