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More on the Moores and Moorad Padres ownership transfer moratorium

Did Moorad and his ownership group have the money to own and operate the club? They had enough to buy the club because the money is/was sitting in escrow. Did they have money to operate the club? I guess that's a matter of opinion, but those dudes in the ownership group were worth billions. I have no idea if that money was liquid enough to please owners or fans.

All the money issues aside Moorad wasn't going to get the 22 votes needed to approve the ownership control because of Kendrick and Reinsdorf and their bitchiness. Kendrick has abandonment issues ever since Moorad left Arizona and Reinsdorf hates agents or beards or something.

Here's my working theory on what happened that caused Moores' and Moorad's relationship to sour. It's total speculation...

I'm thinking that Moorad and company wanted Moores out before they signed the new lucrative TV deal with Fox Sports San Diego. So they tried to buy him out early so he wouldn't be entitled to a cut of the profits. When the ownership transfer failed and the TV deal still needed to be pushed through, Moores who had mentally checked out years ago, caught a whiff of just how much money he would have missed out on had he let the purchase go through. Presumably the money amount was significantly more than they had let on to Moores. Of course Moores would want to wet his beak on some of this new TV money since he lost half his fortune due to his recent divorce. So he was more than a little pissed that Moorad's group was holding out on him. So now he's going to wait until the TV deal is approved and the Dodgers are sold, so when he sells to someone else he can cash out for more.

Again, I have no idea if that's true, that's just me trying to complete a puzzle with oddly shaped pieces.

Anyway here are some more links on the subject that may offer you more insight.